Van Nuys, CA (May 28, 2014) -- Prosound Communication’s EWS Effects is proud to announce the addition of the Little Fuzzy Drive.

The Little Fuzzy Drive or LFD is the newest fuzz/distortion pedal in company’s line up that is designed around retro fuzz type tones utilizing modern controllability and stability. Instead of utilizing germanium transistors, whose tone can be affected by environmental elements, we’ve used operational amplifier circuitry for stability. Along with Volume, Gain and Tone knobs, a mini-toggle switch allows you to choose between Fat Fuzzy and Fuzzy Drive modes. The Fat Fuzzy mode has thicker tone with extra mid range for higher gain. The Fuzzy Drive mode or shall we say a slimmer fuzzy mode, is similar to our EWS Fuzzy Drive, not a much gain and a tighter tonal response. Like the EWS Fuzzy Drive, the Little Fuzzy Drive is very sensitive to your picking dynamics and volume control from the guitar. Rich with functions and tone, this little unit can be powered by a 9-volt or external power source.


  • Volume, Tone & Gain control configuration
  • Mini toggle: Fat Fuzzy and Fuzzy Drive Mode
  • Bright Blue LED
  • 9-volt batter powered
  • AC Adapter (Optional) External 9-volt regulated center-negative
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Dimensions 38.5mm x 92.5mm x 55xx
  • Weight 320g
  • MSRP: $160

For more information:
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