San Franscisco, CA (September 30, 2014) -- Schuyler Dean Pickups has unveiled a new pickup model called the Apex. Scatterwound to 9.8K in the neck and 10.7K in the bridge, these are aggressive pickups with plenty of volume, mids and character reminiscent of Fender Wide Range pickups of the ‘70s. Instead of mounting the magnet under the coils I use solid Alnico V poles for increased highs and clarity.

These coils are actually designed to be split and sound great. Split the coils with the four-conductor leads and you get the far neck coil or the far bridge coil and they are reverse-wound/reverse-polarity so that they are hum-canceling when used together. And with a 6K neck and a 7K bridge, they sound just like Strat pickups. And that sharp-looking brass top and cutout chrome ring will set any guitar apart from the crowd.

$280 per set for six-hole brass tops. $260 per set for all other cover options.

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