Phoenix, AZ (December 16, 2014) -- The Magica has two independent channels that share a fully-buffered effects loop. The clean channel is based on RedPlateAmps’ version of a blackface-style preamp and includes a full set of tone controls and the proprietary midrange mode selector. The lead channel has dual volume and gain controls, a full set of tone controls and can switch between three and four gain stages to dial in everything from crunch to singing sustain. The Magica maintains low noise and note articulation even at the highest gain settings. An active master volume coupled with presence and depth controls assures tonal goodness at all volume levels.

The Magica uses dual EL34 tubes and can switch between 50 watts (hi power) and 18 watts (lo power). The amplifier comes complete with a three-button footswitch for channel and gain selection as well as a global boost. The Magica is available as a head or 12” combo with a MSRP of $2499/$2699.

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