More from the Floor

• Though SKC is known for their composite basses, luthier Stefan Hess surprised attendees with the company’s first guitar.

• Ville Tyyster, of Finland’s Tyyster Guitars, showed his fully hollow, steel-bodied 6-strings.

Via a toggle switch, the guitar’s Deimel JM and J pickups are routed either through a standard volume and tone circuit, or through an active stereo circuit that automatically pans between the bridge and neck pickups.

• Also from Finland, Juha Ruokangas presented the Captain Nemo hollowbody, which looks back to timeless designs with its meld of classical guitar and violin body shapes. It also includes the Valvebucker, a magnetic pickup conjoined with an internal tube amp.

• Akiko Oda and Kaz Goto, of Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars, showed their doubleneck guitar and bass composed of colored woods that were artfully arranged in a typically Japanese style.

• Chris Larsen displayed unique metal-bodied guitars that reflect his vision of an ideal guitar for armed troops in service. The design includes an internal speaker, a small headstock, and a one-bolt neck joint that lets you easily fold and transport the axe. And there’s more: An iPhone bay allows you to run his guitars through amp simulator apps.