Akron, Ohio (September 1, 2015) -- Our Vintage Fullerton Style pickup is made like it was at Fenders, long-gone Fullerton, California factory. Wound for vintage tone, our Fullerton style pickups are vintage correct. They are replacement pickups that are available as single pickups or as calibrated sets with a reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) middle pickup. These pickups definitely have that classic bell like tone with a crystal clear edge and soft top end! These Pickups are customizable and come with black, grey or red bottom flat work and white or red top flat work. You can also order these pickups with either flat or beveled Alnico magnets. Pickups include covers and are wax potted with vintage styled cloth covered lead wires. The Fullerton Style Pickups come with Guerrilla Warfare Pickups “NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL PICKUPS!” If you break it, send it back and we'll repair or replace it!


  • Alnico V magnets
  • Moderate output
  • Bridge - 6.59k
  • Middle – 6.30k
  • Neck– 6.20k

Guerrilla Warfare Pickups Revolution Vintage Stratocaster Fullerton Style Pickups cost $70.00 each or can be purchased as a calibrated set for $180.00 directly from the Guerrilla Warfare Pickups online store.

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