You change your strings regularly. Awesome! But how much effort are you putting into cleaning and conditioning your fretboard when changing said strings? Your fretboard is where much of the magic happens, so you should be doing whatever you can to prevent unwanted natural occurrences like cracks and loosening frets. You want to keep your fretboard looking nice too, right? This month, we’ve rounded up a sampling of the available products that will help your fretboard play and look its best.


Containing no waxes or synthetics, Lem-Oil is specially formulated for fretboards and other oil-finished wood surfaces. It cleans, polishes, protects against drying, and also tones down surface scratches and blemishes.
$5.95 street


Fretboard Conditioner
Made with orange oil, this conditioner is formulated to clean and condition without residue on the frets or damage to porous woods. Regular use is intended to prevent warping.
$10.95 street


This lemon-oil free conditioner is a complex mixture of ultra-refined tree and seed oils. Never sticky or tacky, the formula penetrates and conditions the wood to dry fast and give a long-lasting new look.

$7.99 street