Imotski, Croatia (November 20, 2015) -- After months of intensive in-depth research and development, Dawner Prince Electronics managed to bring back the sound and feel of the legendary Binson Echorec, one of the finest echo machines ever built.

Boonar is an effects pedal precisely designed to recreate vintage Binson Echorec multi-tap magnetic drum echo-delay. Everything is in there and more: from thick, juicy tube tone, glorious multi-dimensional echo repeats melted with haunting reverb decays, variable delay time up to a full second and separate playback heads switching system to an amazing and distinctive external looks dominated by a gold finish and green pulsating "magic-eye" level indicator, all packed in an incredibly compact stompbox form.


  • Authentic Binson Echorec emulator with up to 1 second of adjustable delay time
  • Separate playback heads switches for maximum of 16 possible combinations.
  • Unique Drum Age control simulating aging characteristics of the magnetic memory system
  • Footswitch control for Swell/Repeats mode
  • True bypass or buffered trails switching system
  • 9V DC input power requirements

$349.95 street

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