You’ve got a killer guitar and a smokin’ amp, but is your go-to cable half as old as you, mediocre, or a combination of the two? You owe it to yourself and your rig to have the all-important link between axe and amp in perfect working order to avoid hum, crackle, or an all-out fail. This month, we’ve put together a sampling of quality guitar cables built to deliver and last.


Planet Waves American Stage Kill Switch Cable
These cables feature a built-in kill switch for silent instrument changes, a patented Geo-Tip design that ensures secure connections, and in-line soldering technology that provides powerful strain relief.
$54 street (15 ft.)


Ultramafic Flex
This low-capacitance cable features a pair of low strand count, 20 gauge, silver-plated copper conductors, triple shielding, and a 98 percent braided shield. Each cable comes standard with Neutrik X-Series plugs.
$83 street (15 ft.)


Classic Coiled
These cables utilize a magnetic flux-tube design to deliver clear, natural sound. The 90-percent copper spiral-wrap shielding prevents unwanted buzz and hum, and the Duraflex outer jacket resists slicing, bending, and breaking.

$49 street (21 ft.)


Signature Series
These highly flexible, tangle-free cables feature low capacitance and excellent noise rejection, ultra-pure oxygen-free copper for sonic integrity, gold Neutrik connectors, and rugged construction that carries a lifetime warranty.
$49 street (18 ft.)