Irvine, CA (June 2, 2016) -- Why did we make another overdrive pedal? Because we invented an unique idea. Nunomo LLC released an overdrive pedal called “Limbo,” which has a capability to change clipping voltage seamlessly. Some other overdrive pedals offer to change the method of clipping by switching circuit. Limbo takes a totally different approach. Nunomo's unique circuit gives the user ability to change clipping voltage seamlessly. You can change its clipping voltage from low to high, until it hits op-amp's clipping voltage, by turning control knobs. The sound becomes more dynamic and sharper when clipping voltage is high. When it’s low, sound becomes more compressed and mid-focused.


  • Five knobs to control Volume, Tone, Drive, Positive and Negative – When you set different position for Positive and Negative, you will get asymmetrical clipping.
  • Audiophile class op-amp to keep wide range of sound palette.
  • All analog circuit.
  • Hand painted and hand assembled in USA.
  • True bypass on/off switch.
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input.

$140 MSRP

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