Other Convolution Plug-ins

While Ableton Live Suite and Apple Logic Pro X come with everything you need to make IRs and convolve them with audio, other options abound. Note that some of the IR loaders listed here are strictly for short IRs, like cabinets and close-miked amps, while others can accommodate longer IRs.

IR Loaders (Convolvers)
• NadIR (free) kvraudio.com/product/nadir-by-ignite-amps

• Pulse (free) lancasteraudio.com/pulse

• LeCab (free) lepouplugins.blogspot.com

• Fiddlicator (free, iOS) itunes.apple.com/us/app/fiddlicator/id813106474?mt=8

• LAConvolver (free; this will accommodate long, reverberant IRs) audio.lernvall.com

• ReaVerb (part of the Reaper DAW; this will accommodate long, reverberant IRs) reaper.fm

• MixIR2 ($49; this will accommodate long, reverberant IRs) redwirez.com/mixir2.jsp

IR Generators with Deconvolvers
• Voxengo Deconvolver (free, Windows only) voxengo.com/product/deconvolver/

• Room EQ Wizard (free) roomeqwizard.com

IR Hardware
Numerous hardware devices, such as the Line 6 Helix and the diminutive Mooer Radar, can load IRs. Most of these units are designed for short, cabinet-style IRs. However, the Logidy EPSi pedal (logidy.com) can handle both cabinets and long reverberation.