Monster Magnet


For crunch and buzz, Monster Magnet’s Phil Caivano travels with a board full of troublemakers, including three Analog Man stomps—a Sun Bender, a silver-modded Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, and a Bad Bob—a Daredevil Atomic Cock, a Real McCoy Custom RMC5 Wizard wah, an SIB Electronics Mr. Echo, a Metropoulos Supa-Boost, Maxon AD80 analog delay and ST-9 Super Tube Pro Plus Distortion pedals, and a Malekko Spring Chicken. (Also shown, though not used for the date when we caught up with the band, are a Daredevil Logan Square Destroyer, an Analog Man King of Tone, and a D*A*M Super Bee Germanium Fuzz.)

Compared to Caivano’s setup, bandmate Dave Wyndorf’s board is practically barebones, with nothing more than a Line 6 Relay wireless receiver and a Morley A/B box feeding three delays: an MXR Carbon Copy, a TC Electronic Flashback, and an SIB Electronics Mr. Echo.

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