Batavia, OH (Jan 16, 2011) -- The new SwirlPool Tremolo/Vibe pedal is Amptweaker’s first dive into non-distortion pedals. Reminiscent of the synchronized Tremolo and Vibrato circuits common in some vintage 60’s amplifiers, this analog pedal can duplicate many different types of modulation tones, as well as some new ones.

Two footswitches provide bypass and switching between two Speed/Vibe settings. A ramp switch slows the ramping between speeds. By blending tremolo and vibrato that share an LFO, the resulting combination can provide a subtle vocal quality or a dramatic pitch shift. The Tremolo can be switched to sound ‘Jerky’, and there are 2 LFO Sync switches that shift the Tremolo and Vibe apart for dramatic effects. By using these in various combinations, it’s easy to get many different tremolo, vibrato, and rotary speaker tones made famous in the 60’s and 70’s which are still commonly used today. A master volume control balances the volume when compared to bypassed. Amptweaker’s standard effects loop with Pre/Post switch makes it easy to add distortion, delay, eq or other effects to build your own special swirly tone. A 2nd loop turns on with the Speed 2 switch, to add a boost or additional modulation for a really wild ride. Standard Amptweaker features include the LED side-illumination of controls, 14 gauge steel housing and true bypass switching.

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