The World Is Yours
Motörhead Records

The infamous metal institution known as Motörhead celebrated its 35th anniversary by releasing their 20th album,The World is Yours. It’s a tough and ballsy biker record that sticks to the Motörhead formula but with a renewed sense of vitality and mean intensity. With iconic bassist and vocalist Lemmy Kilmister at the helm, Motörhead blurs the lines between rock ’n’ roll, modern metal, and punk while keeping a leather-jacketed swagger and a middle finger aimed at authority and proper society. This incarnation of Motörhead features Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums playing with fierce authority, while the 65-year-old Lemmy rocks the vocal mic with a maturity and single-minded vision that few younger frontmen possess. Producer Cameron Webb gives this record a clear, live-in-the-studio feel, and lets Phil Campbell loose with inspired wah solos galore. Fat-free blues-rock soloing, killer vibrato, Chuck Berry double-stops, and nasty chord work right out of the ’70s keeps this band grounded in the old-school rock tradition. Top cuts include “Waiting for the Snake,” “Bye Bye Bitch,” and the ominous “Brotherhood of Man.”