Frankfurt, Germany (March 24, 2012) -- Dingwall Guitars announces the new Super P Standard 4. The Super P 4 features the same design enhancements as the new SP5 but has the lightness, punch and liveliness that only a 4-string can have.

The Super P is a riff on the Classic, but the following enhancements have been added:
• Novax Fanned-fret System and specially wound strings for the ultimate in balanced tone and tension from string to string.
•Multi-laminated neck to increase stability and decrease dead-spots.
• Custom Hipshot tuners - lighter weight, greater string angle at the nut.
• Thickness balanced body - better weight distribution and increased mids and resonance.
• Dingwall designed bridge (made by Hipshot) - light weight, increases sustain and note clarity.
• Tone-Fusion(tm) circuit - blends between a traditional tone cap and a passive mid-cut. Sweep from Super-deep dub tones to aggressive P tones to sweet and modern slap tones - all passively. Plus it switches itself out of circuit in the center position for the purest path to the output jack possible.

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