Ringoes, NJ (November 28, 2012) – EVH D-Tuna is proud to announce the release of the Titanium D-Tuna. The new “Ti” D-Tuna is hand machined from the highest grade of titanium. Manufactured in The USA, the Titanium D-Tuna is the most precision D-Tuna ever made, making for smooth action and precision tuning. Go from E to D on the fly with your locking tremolo. Effortless action and spot-on tuning make the new Titanium D-Tuna a "must have" for your locking tremolos.

"It couldn't be easier to install. You remove the string locking screw from the low E-saddle on the bridge and replace it with one of the two D-Tuna locking screws provided, the spring assembly and the D-Tuna. And that's just about all there is to it." - Edward Van Halen

The Patented D-Tuna has been standard equipment on Eddie Van Halen's personal guitars as well as signature series locking tremolo-equipped guitars since the early 90’s. Since then, thousands of D-Tuna’s have been sold worldwide.

• Patented Design.
• Precision Fine-Tuning.
• Simple Setup and Easy to Use.
• Titanium D-Tuna is Made in the USA.
• Titanium D-Tuna Retail Price: $151.50

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