Egnater Tweaker-40 and Tweaker-88
Two new amps from celebrated designer Bruce Egnater continue the evolution of his Tweaker Series heads and combos. While upholding the line’s sonic heritage, the Tweaker 40 (right) delivers more than double the power of its ancestors. Featuring 6L6 power tubes, the 40-watt 2-channel amp has an expanded set of 11 Tweaker switches and is available as a head or 1x12 open-back combo. In addition to Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs, the Tweaker-40 has a Voicing Switch for AC, British, or American tonal response.

Egnater’s 2-channel Tweaker-88 is the powerhouse model of the line. Boasting 13 Tweaker switches and an independent boost for each channel, the Tweaker-88 delivers a vast palette of tones. The 88-watt amp runs on big KT88 bottles and contains four 12AX7 preamp tubes. Like its smaller sibling, the 88 has a 3-way Voicing Switch and a buffered effects loop with level selector. The burly amp plays nicely with Egnater’s semi open-back Tweaker 2x12 cab, which houses Celestion Elite GH-50s.
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