Reason Reato
The 1x12 Reato is Reason's first foray into the land of single-channel amps “But like all our amps, it has a few tricks up its sleeve,” says Reason’s Anthony Bonadio. “With just a pair of 6AQ5 tubes, the Reato achieves 2-, 8-, and 20-watt power settings. The 2- and 8-watt settings are cathode bias, and the 20-watt mode is fixed bias. Aside from bridging the gap from bedroom to stage, this feature makes the Reato perhaps the ultimate recording amp.”

In addition to its 6AQ5 power tubes, the Reato has three 12AX7s and two 12DW7s, and also offers footswitchable reverb and tremolo. The latter has a unique feature: You can adjust tremolo intensity in real-time using a standard volume pedal. “This will change how you use vibrato,” says Bonadio. “We're looking to begin shipping the amp this fall and we’ll announce pricing soon.”
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