Nashville, TN (July 10, 2013) -- Gibson Pure instrument cables achieve three design goals: quiet operation, tonal excellence, and long life. Thanks to a radical new dialectric design, handling noise—even with high-gain amp setups—is up to 30dB lower across the frequency spectrum when tested against comparably priced cables.

And the noise management doesn’t stop there. A unique, spring-loaded bushing stops clicks and buzzes when plugging or unplugging; surrounding the inner cable assembly with an additional semi-conductive PVC shield virtually eliminates noise from static electricity or electro-magnetic fields.

In addition to silent operation, cable capacitance was chosen specifically to match the “sweet spot” of magnetic pickups, while the non-metal, insulated hardwood plug end provides a sure, positive grip. An oxygen-free copper conductor and 95% copper braid shield, with plugs featuring military-spec 24 carat gold over nickel, give maximum conductivity, sonic purity, and long life.

Finally, Gibson Pure cables are unusually supple, so they lay flat on stage and coil easily—yet thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques and breakthrough engineering, Gibson Pure cables are priced competitively with cables that don’t offer Gibson’s advantages. As Jeff Schroder, lead guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins, says “They sound great and are extremely well-made.”

Gibson Pure cables are constructed to exacting standards in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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