Ever since it was designed and built in 1987, Steve Vai’s signature Ibanez has been one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in rock. Numerous visual features make this one really stand out from the pack: the monkey grip, the Lion’s Claw trem cavity, and the Tree of Life fretboard inlay all help make this a truly memorable guitar.

The sonically relevant appointments are just as unique: the rosewood fretboard attached to the five-piece maple and walnut neck is scalloped above the 21st fret to allow better control in the upper register, and the DiMarzio Evolution pickups were also designed exclusively with Vai’s input.

Steve’s main guitar, “Evo,” is a JEM7V identical to the one pictured here, but “slightly battered” after years of touring with one of the most exuberant guitarists of the past thirty years. Vai also uses a JEM77 with DiMarzio Brood pickups, nicknamed “MOJO,” and a UV777 Universe sevenstring guitar.

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