Portland, OR (December 28, 2011) -- Jack Deville Electronics has announced the release of the Deuce Coupe overdrive pedal, designed to have a wide range of amplifier-breakup, boost, crunch, and distortion.

The company says the Deuce Coupe is open, dynamic, and touch responsive due to the high headroom offered by 18 volt operation, even though it operates on a standard 9VDC power supply.

The pedal is also designed to allow the player to control the drive tone with just the guitar's volume control. You can also double tap the footswitch to engage an Ultra Boost for up to an additional +16dB clean boost.


  • 100% pure analog overdrive and boost
  • Unique circuit operating at 18V internally via 9VDC power
  • Versatile and intuitive controls
  • Clean boost, dynamic and responsive crunch and overdrive tones, and up to +56dB gain
  • Click-Less True-Bypass Switching with Ultra-Boost

Watch Jack Deville's demo video:

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