Nashville, TN(July 21, 2011) -- Korg (Summer NAMM booth 800) is displaying the Pitchblack+ guitar and bass pedal tuner, their Pitch Clip, and MA-1 Solo Metronome.

Two instruments can be connected at once and tuned independently using the tuner’s comprehensive range of tuning modes, including open D, open G, open A, open E and DADGAD. The player, producer, or engineer can also create, save, and recall up to five custom tuning programs with the temperament of his or her choice.

The Pitchblack+ Chromatic Pedal Tuner provides a broad tuning range of E0 (20.60 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz) and calibration that is adjustable in a range of 436-445 Hz. Tuning support is provided for seven-string guitars and six-string basses as well as flat tuning up to seven semitones below standard pitch. The Limited Edition Korg Pitchblack+ Chromatic Pedal Tuner in custom colors will be available late summer 2011. As with all Korg tuners, it features a three year extended warranty.

Pitch Clip

The ultra-light PC-1 Pitch Clip is a chromatic, clip-on tuner with a new low-profile design and a high-visibility display. The new high-contrast display provides an extra-wide viewing angle. The flexible mounting system allows the Pitch Clip to be positioned extending in front of the headstock, or discreetly mounted behind the headstock. The sharp and flat ends of the display meter can be reversed, providing intuitive visual feedback in any position, under any lighting.

The PC-1 Pitch Clip is now available at an MSRP of $29.99.

MA-1 Solo Metronome
In addition to a traditional audible beat indicator, the MA-1 also features an enhanced display for accurate beat keeping and rhythm training. The MA-1 can serve as a chromatic pitch source for tuning any instrument as well.
In addition to a swinging metronome style needle, the MA-1’s new display design represents the beats in a given measure as outlined triangle-shaped icons. As the beats progress, each icon changes from an outlined triangle to a solid triangle. A quick glance will let the user see what beat of the pattern is being played, or how far the pattern has progressed. This delivers a large advantage over units that only display the current beat.

The MA-1 provides a number of advanced options. The tempo may be set using traditional mechanical metronome settings (i.e. “Pendulum” steps), or freely set to any tempo from 30 to 252 beats per minute. A Tap Tempo button also allows for quickly setting the tempo on the fly.

The shirt-pocket size MA-1 models will be available August 2011 at an MSRP of $40.

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