Cypress, CA (March 29, 2013) -- California-Lace a world renowned manufacturer of guitar pickups has released a new line of passive Lace Sensors for the bass guitar. Called the “Man O’ War” Series they are the latest in Lace bass technology.

The new “Man O’ War” bass pickups are a highly improved version of Lace pickups originally created in the early 90’s for Fender's P Bass Plus and J Bass Plus line of basses.

“Man O’ War” Bass pickups are passive in design yet yield higher output, tighter low bass response, more string definition and ultra low noise operation. They are voiced for an aggressive yet controlled tone. The design features precise harmonic content with an attitude that cuts through in any situation. Low magnetic pull increases sustain and its broad dynamic range will drive amps and effects better. Tone is vintage vibe with modern punch and definition. These versions stem from the world famous patented Lace Sensor technology.

They were designed especially for players desiring clear low noise operation, but without the need for additional electronics and or need for a battery. The output of the “Man O’ War” series of pickups equals many active systems on the market today.

This new bass pickups series is available in J bass size, P base size and for the first time for the Lace, a Music Man size unit. All “Man O War” bass pickups feature independent shock mounts for better body isolation and sport the high energy red “Lace Sensor” logo. They are available in black matte finish covers only. Other unique patented features include Barium Ferrite, Radiant Field Barrier magnetics and Lace Micro Matrix combs for unique flux field shaping abilities.

All pickups are made in the Lace factory in California. Lace has been manufacturing pickups for over 34 years and has pickups for many different styles of guitars and basses. Many of the world best players have used Lace pickups over the years.

Suggested Retail Pricing starts at just $ 119.99 to $209.99. The “Man O’ War” Series of pickups is available now at local retailers and internet dealers.

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