Las Vegas, NV (December 14, 2012) – Made in America, the SanGreal Gold Series Instrument Amplifier has been developed specifically for, and is dedicated to Musicians who demand the highest quality sound reproduction of guitars and other fine instruments.

From our proprietary high-low frequency driver arrangement, to breakthrough acoustic cabinetry, every detail of the SanGreal’s design has been precisely cultivated to perfectly reproduce both acoustic and electric instrument’s most delicate notes to the most brilliant transients.

Acoustic excellence is achieved by combining a neodymium powered ribbon driver with an advanced low frequency driver along with state-of-the-art preamplifier, control, effects and power amplifier electronics.

The result is true reproduction of the highest to lowest notes of fine instruments including guitars, harps, violins, pianos, harmonicas, mandolins, banjos, brass, woodwinds, accordions and more.

Optional vacuum tube preamplifiers provide the choice of ultra-clean pristine sound, classic warm tonality or a bluesy groove that many performers find desirable.

The unique acoustic cabinet design and operational features provide optimal functionality and flexibility. For example, the SanGreal can function as both an Instrument Amplifier and Stage Monitor, either simultaneously, or individually. It can also be used as a FOH powered loudspeaker.

The high performance and robust construction provide both concert tour reliability and studio quality performance.

Features and functionality:
• 400 Watt Bi-Amplification
• Two Instrument Inputs with vacuum tube preamplifiers
• Balanced Microphone Input with optional tube preamplifier
• Line Input
• Balanced Monitor Input
• Powerful Three Band Equalization
• Multi-Mode Reverberation with Selectable Contour, Channel 1 and 2
• Two Effects
• Narrow Band Notch Filter, Switchable, Channel 1 and 2
• Balanced Direct Output

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