United Kingdom (November 16, 2012) – Matrix Amplification has introduced the GT1500FXBD, the first of two 3-channel amplifiers designed with the help of French amp-guru Bruno Durand. The GT1500FXBD delivers 500W per channel at 4 ohms with the same voicing as the flagship GT1000FX amplifiers, weighing only 3.8kg and all in a 19" 1U format.

Multi-channel guitar power amplifiers have been requested for a number of years but in the past have been too heavy, bulky and expensive to build because of the added tubes and transformers needed. This drives up the weight, form factor and cost. Multi-channel solid state amplifiers are commonplace now, this technology coupled with Andy Hunt’s innovations in solid state technology means that with the advent of modern modelling pre-amps with their flexibility in routing options the GT1500 can give guitarists the ultimate in flexibility and sound in a lightweight yet powerful amplifier.

The obvious use for a 3 channel amp is when you want to run 3 cabs in a wet/dry/wet setup. This is basically a signal split to 3 cabs with the middle cab dry (with no effects) and the other 2 cabs fed with stereo effects. This gives the clarity of the dry signal and the ability to dial in the effects to taste providing what most guitarists feel is a huge sound that isn't mushy. Professional players have been using this type of setup for many years but it has always been out of reach of a lot of players due to the weight of extra amps and extra cabs not to mention the expense of extra gear.

Having 3 channels also gives you the ability to run a stereo rig as normal for yourself and an extra channel for monitoring, either for yourself or another member of the band. Or how about setting up a 2.1 type rig with a sub and 2 satellite speakers? Multi-instrumentalists or players wanting to take advantage of multi-preamp sources can be catered for. Even the guy in the band that just plays on the one song can use a channel without having to fetch along another car load of gear.

To sum it up the Matrix 1500FXBD will fit just about any playing situation you may need from your rig, like the ultimate power amplifier for guitarists. It will open new possibilities, uncovered by the classic stereo power amps. All in an amplifier with three 500w channels, weighing 3.8kg and a 1U form factor.... powering your rig has never been so easy.

The Matrix GT1500FXBD is available now at £890 inclusive of VAT in the UK, or $1150 within the USA.

Technical Specifications
Number of channels: 3
Watts per channel rms @ 4 ohms- 500
Watts per channel rms @ 8 ohms- 325
Watts per channel rms @ 16 ohms- 150
Bridged Mode: Not Available
Input sensitivity: 0.775V
Frequency Response: (+/-3db ref 1kHz) 8hz-24kHz
Weight: 3.8kg

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