Cascade Range, OR (September 11, 2012) – Molten Voltage has just released One Trick Pony - a micro MIDI pedal that steps through the Whammy settings and even reverses direction when held 2 seconds.

There are currently 13 versions of the One Trick Pony device, 11 of which are for the Digitech Whammy 4, 5, or DT.

Cycle Path steps through the Whammy settings in order and reverses direction when held for 2 seconds.
Drop Kick steps through the Whammy DT drop tune settings, and also reverses direction when held 2 seconds.
Opiate recreates the famed 5th Up to Octave Up harmony setting from the Bass Whammy made famous by Justin Chancellor of Tool and includes a virtual expression pedal “sweep” in between.
Linus sends tap tempo information to Line 6 devices like their POD series.

Battery Powered
No power cable required...One Trick Pony uses a single coin cell (included) and draws practically no current when the button isn’t pressed. This means the battery will last for years!

One Trick Pony can also be ordered as a “dual use” version directly from Molten Voltage, who even offers custom programming!

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