Marshall 50th Anniversary
Marshall unveiled a slew of 50th anniversary products, including 1-watt amps representing each decade. They're also releasing a limited edition historically-accurate handwired Bluesbreaker and an anniversary Les Paul.

DigiTech iStomp
DigiTech's iStomp and StompShop app for iOS allows you to download pedals into the iStomp hardware, then use like a normal stompbox.

Lakland 60-11 Prototype
Lakland brought a new bass prototype called the 60-11 to the 2012 NAMM Show. This six-string beast is a technically a bass, but plays and sounds more like a traditional baritone guitar. The bass is loaded with three Hanson P-90s and sounds just as good through a bass or guitar amp.

JAM Pedals Delay Llama+
Jam Pedals, based in Greece, brought a prototype of a Delay Llama + to demo at NAMM 2012. This pedal takes their Red Llama analog lo-fi delay and adds a tap tempo button along with a hold button that turns it into a sound generator. The pedal should be available in mid to late 2012.