Franklin/Nasvhille, TN (September 19, 2012) – Nose Pedal has introduced the Quad Box and Expression Stomp to a steadily growing product line. The company, first launched in early 2011, has quickly grown online using an unusual approach: instead of starting out with effect pedals, Nose Pedal has gained popularity with its utility pedals. The company offers small, compact, and even passive pedals that optimize your pedalboard and help you gain more versatility from your other stompboxes.

Nose Pedal offers a wide variety of models ranging from expression controllers, volume pedals, multiple true bypass loopers, line switchers, and more. These pedals are all built, wired, and painted by hand so that every pedal has a unique touch and place with its owner – and with super affordable prices starting at just $29.99. The Quad Box and Expression Stomp share the signature traits of other Nose Pedal products.

Expression stomp features:
• For the Expression Stomp, choose TS or TRS expressions along with all the cosmetic features- LEDs, enclosure color, and knob color!
• By dialing in the values with the knobs, the Expression Stomp will quickly swtich between any expression setting- great for using with the Line 6 DL4!

Quad Box details:
• The Quad Box features four expression connections. Two TS for Line 6 and Eventide products, and two TRS for Boss, Electro Harmonix, and most other brands.
• With two large control knobs, you’ll have no problem switching between pedals and controlling the expressions with your foot.

Pick up a Nose Quad Box for $89.99, or the Nose Expression Stomp starting at $59.99. Check out the website to see demo videos, read about the quality of parts and sound, and learn about the creative hand-crafted joy that goes into each pedal.

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