Oakville, Ontario (May 11, 2012) – The Acoustic Pickup Adapter allows the mounting of a common electric guitar pickup in an acoustic guitar without the need to modify the guitar. Instead of being stuck with a limited range of specialized pickups for acoustic guitars that may not fit your tastes you now have access to hundreds of different pickup models that you can experiment with to find a sound you like.

The installation can be done in minutes and does not require your guitar to be modified. No drilling, routing, or cutting needed. The Acoustic Pickup Adapter mounts to the sound board with a small set of clamps that do not dampen the sound of the guitar. Cavities around the pickup allow air to pass through making sure your acoustic is not "choked for air" resulting in a muted guitar sound. The mounting will not mare the guitar's finish. The Acoustic Pickup Adapter is made from transparent material to reduce the visual impact of the mounting.

Wiring of the pickup can be done in any manner the player likes. Run the pickup wire through one of the vent holes like with common "drop in" acoustic pickups, wire to a jack, an internal preamp, or even a set of volume and/or tone controls just like a normal electric guitar.

- Fits any acoustic guitar with a round sound hole 90mm or larger
- Humbucker and strat style single coil pickup versions available
- Easily installed in minutes
- Gives your acoustic guitar access to hundreds of different pickup models
- Does not deaden the sound of your guitar
- Does not mare the finish of your guitar
- Transparent to reduce visual imprint
- Almost flush with the sound board so it does not interfere with playing
- Wiring configuration of the pickup can fit the player's needs

U.S. Street Price: $20

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