Electric Guitars

Baudier Guitars
A NAMM newcomer, Baudier Guitars brought several head-turning models, including this rad-looking Roadster. It features a custom-painted alder body, a 25.5" scale, body-mounted Baudier humbuckers, a triple-truss-rod maple bolt-on neck, a graphite bridge, a kill switch, and a 4-way pickup selector with split-coil settings.

Genesis Deluxe Pro
Epiphone resurrected this underrated early-’80s import in a new version complete with mahogany body, fl amed-maple top veneer, coil-tappable ProBucker 2 (neck) and 3 (bridge) pickups, and Grover tuners.

The new GF6 knocked us out on numerous levels. The carved swamp-ash top deviates from the usual laminate approach to semi-hollow construction and, paired with Lindy Fralin P-90s, it’s got the potential to be a living, twitching, fi re-breathing beast. Lament your lost Starcaster no more!

Pawn Shop Bass VI

Fender resurrected the 30"-scale Bass VI, which last appeared in the ’90s as a Japanese-made reissue, as part of the Pawn Shop series—which accounts for the cool twists on the original. The latest incarnation of the VI includes a stacked-coil, Jazzmaster-style bridge pickup and two Special Design Hot Jaguar single-coils.

Kauer Guitars

Kauer Guitars’ new Starliner succeeds at achieving a look that’s at once familiar and unique. It features a Spanish cedar body with a maple cap, and it’s available standard with Wolfetone humbuckers or P-90s.

Framus Vintage
5/168 Golden Strato De Luxe

The original Strato De Luxe was cradled by the likes of Kurt Cobain and Thurston Moore, and the maple-bodied new Vintage 5/168 Golden Strato De Luxe reissue is a dead ringer for the early-’60s version. A Tune-omatic-style bridge with a vintage vibrato system mean this version will probably stay in tune much better, though, and there are enough controls—including a spring-loaded, pinky-activated manual tremolo circuit—to make a Vox Starstreamer feel inadequate!

Ravenswood by Hanson Guitars

This new sub-brand from Hanson features individually intonatable saddles for each string, and the solid-mahogany body is based on the company’s Cigno model. The set neck features a rosewood fretboard, block inlays, a slotted headstock, and a wider nut than you’ll fi nd on most traditional-style 12-string solidbodies. The three DeArmond-style single-coils are voiced for classic ’60s tones, and they’re controlled by master volume and tone knobs, as well as a 5-way pickup selector that combines neck and bridge pickups in the middle position.

Classic Series 1478

Silvertone revisited a few of the models that have made it a legend among budget vintage enthusiasts. They showed off a new U2, along with this 1478 prototype outfitted with a Bigsby and a beautifully chunky neck that we hope makes it to production versions.

Viktorian Guitars
Grace Status

Viktorian Guitars’ new, lightweight, and elegant-yet-racy Grace Status features composite construction and a dual-chambered body. Weighing in at about 4.5 pounds, it features vintage-voiced Viktorian humbuckers that yield an almost ES- 335-like voice. Controls include volume and tone, as well as a bass-roll off knob for taming the feedback that plagues semi-hollowbodies at high volumes.