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Audibotics Launches the PlayX

Audibotics Launches the PlayX

A full-featured tube DSP multi-effects processor that's packed with features.

Dallas, TX (September 24, 2019) -- Audibotics is announcing the world's first and only smart audio platform - PlayX, which empowers musicians to play any music on any instrument in any way they like on the fly. Play it as:

  • a full-featured tube DSP guitar or bass multi-FX processor
  • a pedalboard in front of an amplifier
  • a pro-level ambient effect in an amp's FX loop
  • an analog boost audio interface and controller in a DAW plugin setup
  • a multi-channel audio interface or a portable recorder to record or broadcast your vintage amplifier

PlayX runs music applications meticulously built for your choice of playing. And guitar gears are only tip of the iceberg.

Swiftly incorporate all other elements of music by running PlayX as a mixer, vocal or acoustic FX, drum pad, drum machine, MIDI library, sequencer, sampler, scratch console, just to name a few. Record, playback, remaster songs or simply appreciate your favorite music by using PlayX as a media player with various HiFi system profiles.

PlayX introduces a state-of-the-art multi-gesture detection interface and a multi-parametric control scheme. Play it with your most natural foot or hand motions. As a guitar processor, easily change presets, engage and hold ambient effects, apply harmony, tap tempo, kick drum, trigger samples, pedal wah or formant, morph drive and tone, sidechain ambient, or even affect the color of your playback music. Artistically inject your emotions to anything you can imagine.

PlayX is a full mobile and wireless device designed to provide you with the fastest experience in creating.

“PlayX is all about the freedom of creation we believe in. When musicians go impact the world, every tool you need should come with a snap of your fingers.” said chief designer Frank Teng.

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