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Balthazar Audio Unveils the Film Noir 18

Balthazar Audio Unveils the Film Noir 18

A British-flavored combo packed with EL84 tubes.

Chicago, IL (July 17, 2019) -- Branching out from its flagship Film Noir 50 head and cabinet, Balthazar Audio Systems will be launching its first combo amplifier at this year’s Summer NAMM show, the Film Noir 18.

Sporting the signature Balthazar alligator vinyl and tasteful vintage appointments, the Film Noir 18 embodies the great British low-wattage combo amps of the early 1960s, taking cues from Selmer, Watkins, and Vox to create a unique and versatile voicing that shines both clean and cranked.

Perfect for recording and the small stage, it responds brilliantly to guitar volume manipulation, and has been painstakingly tweaked to accommodate dirt pedals of all kinds when serving as a pedal platform.

The 1x12” Celestion Alnico Gold gives the amp additional vintage chime yet stays tight even at full volume.


  • 18 watts from two EL84 power tubes, cathode biased
  • EZ81 tube rectifier provides musical compression
  • 2x 12AX7 preamp based on flagship Film Noir 50 model
  • Designed for maximum touch and guitar-volume-knob sensitivity
  • Master Volume and Vox-style Cut control
  • 12” Celestion Alnico Gold speaker
  • Hand built in Chicago, Illinois

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