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Barefaced Audio Introduces the Barefaced One10 Cab

Barefaced Audio Introduces the Barefaced One10 Cab

A lightweight cab that's limited to 20 pieces.

United Kingdom (September 14, 2015) -- Barefaced Audio are excited to announce the cab they said they'd never build, the Barefaced One10. This tiny cab weighs only 7kg yet can represent the low B of a 5-string with big honest tone and has the clarity yet warmth to flatter hard swinging double bass sounds. One cab will handle most jazz gigs whilst a pair can keep up with many rock bands in smaller venues.

"The problem with every 1x10" bass cab I've tried is that it's either not loud enough or too thin sounding", said Barefaced founder Alex Claber. "But when we made our Two10 cab the feedback from customers confirmed that it was the equal of many 4x10" cabs, so logically a One10 would match many 2x10" cabs. So we made one, and it's awesome!"

Barefaced claim the magic ingredient in the One10 is their unique 10CR250 driver, which can handle 250W continuously, pushes twice as much air as most 10" woofers and has a concentric midrange dome for treble clarity. The minimalist design reduces manufacturing cost without cutting quality or performance, which makes the One10 the most affordable Barefaced cab to date, with a limited initial run of 20 cabs priced at only £249.

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