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Benson Amps Unveils the Earhart

Benson Amps Unveils the Earhart

An amplifier born under the concept of top boost-style, class-A amps.

Portland, OR (November 3, 2017) -- Benson Amps is proud to announce the release of the Earhart, an amplifier born under the concept of the 1960s top boost style, class-A amplifier that changed the trajectory of the sound of the music industry as we know it.

The Earhart’s design is straightforward, boasting a simple, volume & tone control with a normal/top boost switch for the extra chime without loosing the much-desired balance and bottom end.

The Earhart pushes a loud 13-18 watts (depending on rectifier) through the (2) JJ EL84 tubes in the power section and (2) AX7 preamp tubes. The tone knob gives gentle interplay between the bass and treble providing tonal flexibility that spans genres and generations.

“We consistently get emails if the Monarch or Chimera amps can do the Vox top boost sounds...We’ve always had to say “no, sorry”. With the introduction of the Earhart we can say “, no, but...” -Owner/Designer Christopher Benson

With Benson Amps boasting some of the top artists in the music today, they are proud to introduce an amplifier that is both diverse to their lineup as well as a tip of the hat to the history of rock & roll.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using premium components and domestically sourced material.

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