A sealed cab with tighter and more immediate bass response.

Whitinsville, MA (December 22, 2016) -- Bergantino Audio Systems announces the NV212T New Vintage Series 2-12" & Tweeter Bass Guitar Loudspeaker (ProNet price $1079 USD). The NV212T is shipping mid-February 2017.

The NV212T cabinet is sealed (rather than the traditional ported design) which provides a tighter and more immediate bass response. The cabinetry used for the NV212T employs a precision tuned cabinet architecture and the enclosure is built with the finest 100% Baltic birch plywood. The NV212T is covered in traditional tolex for durability and employs a rigid black grille to protect the drivers. A unique tweeter matched with a custom phase-coherent crossover network extends the range of this cabinet to 12KhZ. The NV212T has a tweeter level control on the back and turning the tweeter all the way off removes it from the circuit, so if you want the old-school vibe–no problem. With the tweeter on, this cabinet can be a slap monster to match high-output demands. With the tweeter off, just great low end and midrange goodness.

The NV212T is a great choice for both flat wound and round wound players for rock, classic rock, and funk or if a player needs a cabinet to cover a broad range of music styles. It is extremely open, and has a high degree of articulation in the upper mids and top-end. A pick player with a tube amplifier may reduce the tweeter level to allow the 12” drivers to provide warm grind with round wound strings, but half-way up (flat setting) should be just right for finger style playing when a lot of articulation is needed. The NV212T easily replaces your worn 4-10” or any of the vintage 2-12” cabinets and provides an attitude, higher power handling and increased clarity and focus. If you already have a Bergantino Audio NV412/NV412T, this is the perfect way to keep that same great sound in a lighter, smaller footprint.

  • Woofer: 2-12” Ceramic Magnet Woofers w/ Vented Pole Pieces
  • Tweeter: High Intelligibility NV Series Tweeter
  • Cabinet Design: Sealed
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Cabinet Covering: Black Tolex
  • Impedance: 8-ohms
  • Power Handling: 400W RMS
  • Crossover: Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover w/ Tweeter Level Control
  • Frequency Response: 43hZ - 12KhZ
  • Sensitivity: 99db @ 2.83v / 1-meter
  • Dimensions: 31”H x 18-1/2”W x 15”D
  • Weight: 70 Lbs.
  • ProNet Price: $1079 USD ProNe

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