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Big Ear Pedals Announces the Albie

Big Ear Pedals Announces the Albie

The pedal features eight different settings specifically built and curated to cover jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds.

Nashville, TN (September 16, 2020) -- BIG EAR pedals is proud to announce the launch of its first digital multi-effect pedal, ALBIE, an ambient modulator. The ALBIE pedal, inspired by their close friend and collaborator, Joe McCaffrey (of the band Nightmare of You), has eight different settings specifically built and curated to cover the jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds associated with the New Wave & Post Punk music of the ‘70s & ‘80s.

ALBIE has two knobs, “Effect” and “Blend.” The “Effect” knob allows the user to change between eight different pedal-chains or “stacks” of effects (the LEDs light up with the corresponding effect). The “Blend” knob mixes the chosen effect setting into the clean-tone of the guitar, making this pedal especially perfect for those with option-paralysis.

The clicking momentary footswitch operates like a standard footswitch, but when held down provides a secondary setting for each “effect.” These extra settings are called the “Neil Modes”—named after Neil Graham of Dr. Scientist who programmed the digital code for ALBIE, as well as designed these secondary settings.

ALBIE comes in a transparent “Aqua Teal” enclosure with “ALBIE” printed largely over the face of the pedal in typical BIG EAR pedals fashion. The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 4.69” x 2.52” x 1.57” (119x64x40mm).  Power requirements are 9VDC, center negative (111mA minimum).

BIG EAR pedals is launching ALBIE on 09/15/2020 for a retail price of $199.

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