Blake Guitar Solutions Releases New Cases

The company releases two new acoustic cases, a bass case, and a dedicated archtop case.

Cheshire, UK (June 22, 2017) -- Following the success of their Apex electric guitar case, Blake Guitar Solutions release four new guitar cases that meet the everyday needs of both the working musician and the travelling guitarist.

Offering a superior level of protection to competing soft cases, Blake guitar cases also boast a better level of carrying comfort, storage capacity and quality of construction. Now for the first time, Blake Guitar Solutions are offering a dedicated orchestra model acoustic case and a full-sized archtop case (up to 4” in depth, 18” lower bout width). Not only that, but there is a new dreadnought acoustic case and a bass case, all of which borrow from the popular Apex design.


  • “Chicago” archtop case that fits archtop guitars up to 4” in depth and 18” lower bout width.
  • “Traveller” acoustic cases for orchestra model and dreadnought.
  • “Bravo” bass case that fits all standard sized electric basses.
  • Deluxe interior fur lining most commonly found on hard cases.
  • Rigid front, back and side panels for extra protection.
  • Ergonomic back support carrying system.
  • Neck lock and strap button protection.

The Apex case has already been endorsed by guitarist Mika Lagrén of the famous Swedish death metal band Grave.

The Chicago archtop guitar case carries a street price of £165.00 (inc VAT), the Traveller is £159.00 (inc VAT), the Traveller OM is £155.00 (inc VAT) and the Bravo is 152.00 (inc VAT). They are available at select stockists and can also be purchased worldwide directly from the Blake Guitar Solutions website.

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