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BluGuitar Unveils New Line of Guitar Cabinets

BluGuitar Unveils New Line of Guitar Cabinets

The FATCAB 1x12 cab offers the feel and tone of a 4x12 cabinet.

Frankfurt, Germany (April 10, 2015) -- At the Musikmesse Frankfurt (April 15th – April 18th, 2015) BluGuitar unveils the new line of BluGuitar guitar cabinets. BluGuitar NANOCAB and BluGuitar FATCAB are the perfect companions for the innovative BluGuitar AMP1 amplifier – and can be experienced live with Thomas Blug on the AGORA Stage, twice a day – appropriately loud in the BluGuitar Rockmobile AG 02, and toned down in Hall 4.0 at booth H16.

BluGuitar FATCAB 1x12" Guitar Cabinet
The BluGuitar FATCAB offers what was virtually impossible until now: the tone and feel of that classic 4x12" cabinet: tight bass response, lightning fast attack in the mid range and smooth, silky treble in a 1x12" format. Perfectly suited for smaller stages and clubs. The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of Thomas’ continuous research to reproduce the character of sound delivered by a classic 4x12” cabinet with a significantly more compact 1x12" design. Continous fine tuning during numerous tours and concerts, Thomas was finally able to achieve this. FATCAB hosts just one single speaker that reaches the critical perfect operating point much faster, which results in a very lively tone. With its Thiele Small Bass-Reflex-System and its solid high quality cabinet design FATCAB delivers very defined and dynamic bass response usually found only in 4x12" cabinet designs – even at lower volume levels. But of course you can also crank FATCAB for tight and smooth tone with strong low mids as well. The speaker itself in conjunction with the extra thick Basket Weave grill cloth always guarantees for well balanced guitar tone with a shimmering high end.

BluGuitar NANOCAB 1x12" Guitar Cabinet
BluGuitar NANOCAB is the 1x12" cabinet with the smallest possible footprint yet delivering a huge sound that sets the standard in compact cabinets. Inspired by the great performance of the FATCAB, Thomas did not want to stop there and designed an even smaller yet full sounding cabinet as the perfect companion for the AMP1.

There was no question regarding the choice of speaker – only a 12" chassis is capable of producing the kind sound suitable for AMP1. The size of the cabinet, its depth, width and the size of its bass-reflex-system have been meticulously adjusted for perfect performance. The perfect punchy rock sound only works with a closed cabinet construction, but NANOCAB offers the additional option of opening the cabinet manually for more tonal options. To achieve more tonal warmth the speaker has been mounted to the front baffle from the rear and is covered with an extra thick basket-weave grill cloth.

Regardless of musical style - clean, crunch to high gain, jazz, blues or rock – the combination of the AMP1 and NANOCAB always delivers! NANOCAB produces huge tone even with unexpected deep bass. By the way, NANOCAB is also the perfect cabinet for the living room at home as it unfolds its full tonal quality already at very low volume. NANOCAB even fits into a suit case and can be carried on a train, or even on a motor bike.

Pricing and availability
BluGuitar NANOCAB and BluGuitar FATCAB are available from September 2015 for Euro 449,- for the NANOCAB and Euro 559,- for the FATCAB.

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