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Breedlove Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Four New Models

The first Breedlove ever built inspired the Kim Breedlove Signature 25th Anniversary model.

Bend, OR (January 28, 2015) -- In the late 80’s, Breedlove Guitars was just the glimmer of an idea. Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson had a dream to build instruments unlike any others and started Breedlove in Tumalo in 1990. They set out to craft lightweight, responsive, and impeccably crafted guitars featuring innovative designs, unique materials, and distinctive aesthetics. Joined by Kim Breedlove in 1994, they began adding intricate inlays. In early prototyping they created the Breedlove sound that still serves as our benchmark today.

All of our instruments are painstakingly designed in Bend, Oregon, utilizing exclusive design elements like contemporary body shapes, handcrafted necks, the Breedlove bridge truss system, exotic tonewoods and stunning inlays to deliver a look and sound that is completely unique to the Breedlove brand. Play one and you’ll instantly get it: From an entry level Discovery to a Kim Breedlove Signature Masterclass, the distinctively crafted sound of a Breedlove will bring your art to new heights. This high-end craftsmanship is evident in the four models that Breedlove is introducing to celebrate 25 years.

Kim Breedlove Signature 25th
The first Breedlove ever built inspired the Kim Breedlove Signature 25th. With a sunken redwood cedar top and figured walnut back and sides, this guitar features the full Kim Breedlove commemorative inlay made of silver, mother of pearl, black pearl, gold pearl and abalone. “This design was created to represent an abbreviated take on the company history. Simply, from the top, the creative seed is planted and begins to sprout into a spiral of growth and directions (guitars, mandolins, electrics, ukuleles) and the challenges faced with that growth are gathered together, re-focused and re-branded leading to the company’s 25th year. At the bottom, the seed is re-planted creating a new beginning,” explained Kim Breedlove. This model will be a series of ten.
MSRP $13,332

Brazilian Concert 25th
“The Brazilian Concert 25th shows off Breedlove’s dedication to using amazing tonewoods. What does that better than Brazilian rosewood in our most popular concert body shape!” shared Colin Besancon, Breedlove USA Brand Manager. This non-cutaway concert body includes the Breedlove Bridge Truss system. The BBT reduces tension on the soundboard of the guitar so the top wood is able to vibrate more freely. This helps produce remarkable sustain, balance and clarity. Built of fully legal Brazilian Rosewood this guitar can travel the world.
MSRP $9,332

Oregon Concert CE 25th
Myrtlewood is native to the Oregon coast and has a tonal quality that is unmatched. Our most popular series gets a new addition for our 25th Anniversary celebration. Built off Breedlove’s innovative concert body and including a piece of the Kim Breedlove inspired 25th Anniversary inlay the Oregon Concert CE 25th includes a full gloss whisky burst. The concert body generates wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy. It is engineered to provide exception sustain with a pronounced bass response.
MSRP $2,665

Pursuit Concert 25th Anniversary
The Pursuit Concert 25th Anniversary represents our internationally crafted product. It includes a simpler version of the Kim Breedlove designed inlay. Built with the exotic tonewoods Breedlove is known for, it includes Koa laminate back and sides, rosette, and headstock veneer. In staying with Breedlove traditions – it also includes a pinless bridge, Breedlove bridge truss and asymmetrical headstock. “We pride ourselves in not letting the quality or innovations fade just because the price goes down. In many of our internationally built models you’ll see the use of amazing tonewoods and Breedlove innovations,” said Devin Percell, Breedlove International Brand Manager.
MSRP $1,065

Breedlove Stringed Instruments is proud of the history and humble beginnings. There is no telling what the next 25 years will bring. Head Hippie Tom Bedell says it best - “Breedlove is a pioneer in acoustic instrument design. From discovering the magic sound of tonewoods like myrtlewood, ziricote and Port Orford cedar, to the unique body shapes and construction, Breedlove has created tonal balance and character like no other. The first 25 years have given us the ground work to build an extraordinary workshop as well as breakthrough instruments for the next 25 years and more.”

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