BSM Introduces the Powderfinger

A take on Neil Young's famous crunch.

Waldmohr, Germany (June 5, 2017) -- The BSM Powderfinger´s main goal is to help you getting the famous, but hard to receive guitar tone of Neil Young. Facing that Neil Young´s personal setup he developed and collected over decades is impossible to duplicate for most other guitarists, BSM designed a new pedal with the intention to come as close as possible to this tone without permanently riding an old Fender Tweed Deluxe amp at full tilt.

  • Use a guitar with low output humbucker pickups, mini or Firebird models work great for this. But you can also use vintage PAF or P-90 types as well as Fender type single coil pickups with a higher output and a meatier sound for great tonal results.
  • A tube amp with a good native crunch tone is essential because the Powderfinger works together with the input tube of your tube amp. Adjust the level control of the Powderfinger at a high setting (vol control on the left side of the pedal) so the pedal will push the tube amp into saturation. With the gain control on the right side of the pedal you can adjust the distortion of your choice.
  • The 3-way mini toggle switch of the pedal can be used to adjust the overall tone, depending on the pickups used. In the left position the high-end will be attenuated which is great for using Fender style single coil pickups. In the center position the signal will not be influenced while in the right position the high-end will be accentuated, perfect together with dark sounding humbucker pickups.

The Powderfinger will be inserted between the guitar and the amp. If you use several pedals, the Powderfinger should be the first pedal in the chain with the exception of any Wah pedal which should always be used in front of the Powderfinger. The magical tone will be achieved through the interaction of the pickups, the Powderfinger and the tube amp. Each unit is a hand built unique, premium quality parts and has a true bypass switching. Street price is $295.00

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