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Caparison Guitars Introduces the TAT Special7

Caparison Guitars Introduces the TAT Special7

The regular TAT model has been almost completely remodeled to incorporate some unique features.

United Kingdom (February 24, 2015) -- Continuing on the success and popularity of the TAT Special Custom Line 2014, for 2015 the regular TAT (Through And Through) model has been almost completely re-modelled to incorporate the unique features that made the TAT Special model such a firm and instant favourite. The Japanese made Caparison TAT Special7 is an extended range guitar which takes every feature that made the original TAT model so coveted throughout the years and now with the addition of the extra lower string it is the ultimate choice for the guitarist that demands more! Clarity, power and refinement are keys to making the exquisite tone of this guitar match its unsurpassed playability and stunning good looks. It features an elegant curve top body with a neck- through, slant heel design and on the reverse, the gloss finish of the body blends almost seamlessly into the oil finish of the neck making for an incredible playing experience and the custom switching options give you a rich pallet of tones which makes the TAT Special7 as versatile as it is beautiful.

Designed, manufactured and hand finished in Japan the Caparison TAT Special7 is available now for $3,449 (excluding sales tax).

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