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Celestion Unveils the G-12H-150 Redback

Celestion Unveils the G-12H-150 Redback

The new guitar speaker boasts both extreme power handling and classic Celestion tone.

Ipswich, UK (January 18, 2017) -- At this year’s winter NAMM Show, Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers and professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement applications is pleased to introduce the new G12H-150 Redback, created especially for players who are looking for extreme power handling but refuse to compromise on great tone.

Constructed in the U.K., with a supersized 2" voice coil and featuring the heaviest G12 magnet, the Redback delivers a gargantuan 150 watts of power handling. The result is a guitar speaker that sounds 100 percent Celestion in character, yet is primed to withstand a pummeling from a 100-watt head all by itself, and still come back for more.

With the new Redback's tight, well-controlled low end, detailed midrange, and more relaxed treble, Celestion’s engineering expertise has assured that there is no need to choose between power and tone. The Redback is truly a high-power guitar speaker that can still deliver balance, responsiveness, and superb playability with muscular ease.

Loaded into low-power combos, players can expect tons of smooth, clean tone and don’t need to be afraid to plug in their favorite stompbox. For those interested in downsizing to a 1x12 cabinet, they need only hook up a single Redback to their 100-watt head in order to generate giant slabs of frightening, monstrous tone.

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