Chaosound has announced the Anti-Effect–a pedal that destroys your sound by imitating electroacoustic track damage.

Poland (February 19, 2013) -- Chaosound recently released the Anti-Effect guitar effect pedal. It destroys the sound by imitating electroacoustic track damage. Here are the details from their website:

It breaks the sound in a chaotic way but you can control the way of sound destruction. You can now imitate mulfunctioning guitar cable and burning amplifier. You can also imitate thunder and lighting, as well as bombing and crushing. Just like the good old days, this is a kind of sound chopper. You put your sound and our guitar pedal will make it bleed.

This is not a distortion or tremolo (in some settings you can achieve something we call ChaosTremolo). We know it can take some time to get used to but we can assure you it's worth it. Regardless whether your regular guitar pedal is a kind of distortion or any other modelling effect, the sound of Anti-Effect is most interesting when it is set after it in the chain, creating intriquing sounds. Based on this way of sound destruction, the Anti-Effect allows you to achieve countless number of sound nuances depending really on the way you play and the type of your guitar.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

A maze of modulation and reverberations leads down many colorful tone vortices.

Deep clanging reverb tones. Unexpected reverb/modulation combinations.

Steep learning curve for a superficially simple pedal.


SolidGoldFX Ether


A lot of cruel fates can befall a gig. But unless you’re a complete pedal addict or live in high-gain-only realms, doing a gig with just a reverb- and tremolo-equipped amp is not one of them. Usually a nice splash of reverb makes the lamest tone pretty okay. Add a little tremolo on top and you have to work to not be at least a little funky, surfy, or spacy. You see, reverb and modulation go together like beans and rice. That truth, it seems, extends even to maximalist expressions of that formula—like the SolidGold FX Ether.

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