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Cling On Introduces Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The pickup works on banjos, ukuleles, cajons, and other acoustic instruments with accessible flat soundboards.

Fullerton, CA (June 1, 2018) -- The Cling On Pickup is a compact and elegant passive piezo pickup with a patented ultra-quick and easy magnetic attachment. It requires absolutely no modification, nor any lengthy installation. The detachable portable cable and a built-in volume control are valuable extra features. Designed primarily for acoustic and classical guitars, the Cling On Pickup works equally well on banjos, ukulele‘s, cajons and other acoustic instruments with accessible flat soundboards.


  • Ultra quick and easy magnetic attachment. The patented magnetic design allows the pickup to securely attach and detach to the instrument in a fraction of a second. No cumbersome or messy installations necessary.
  • No instrument modification required - There is no need to drill or modify your instrument in any way. There are no permanently attached, glued or screwed-on parts. The Cling On Pickup is “plug and play” ready right out of the box.
  • Natural & balanced sound - The constant magnetic pressure on the soundboard, contributes to more accurate transfer of the vibrations from the soundboard to the pickup. The result is a very natural and balanced sound with high signal output. No pre-amp is required.
  • Discreet placement of magnetic base – Each pickup comes with a very small and very light magnetic base that is attached underneath the soundboard on the inside of the guitar via tacky putty. This ONE-TIME non-permanent discreet installation prepares the instrument for the pickup. It's removable, reusable and can be easily re-positioned.
  • Find the "sweet spot" of your instrument every time. Once the best location on the soundboard is found, the magnetic base stays in place ready for the pickup to dock at the same place every time. There is no more guessing where the sweet spot of your instrument is.
  • Built-in volume control – Unobtrusive thumb wheel volume knob design gives the performer control of the sound level at all times.

The Cling On Pickup can be purchased for $69.99 at and select music stores.

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