Cole Clark Releases New Mahogany Models

Australian-grown, solid African Mahogany models are available in two trademark shapes: Fat Lady and Angel.

Dorval, QC (July 6, 2015) -- the Australian guitar maker known for its use of native Australian tonewoods, its unique pickup system, and Spanish heel neck joint design, will introduce its first ever all-mahogany models to North America at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show.

Employing sustainably-sourced, Australian-grown solid African Mahogany, the new models are part of the Cole Clark's 2 Series Custom Standard range and are available in the company's two trademark shapes: Fat Lady (dreadnought) and Angel (grand auditorium).

As with other 2 Series Custom Standard guitars, the all-mahogany models feature Cole Clark's patented three-way pickup system, which incorporates six individual under-saddle piezo pickups, a face sensor, and a condenser microphone. Other features include abalone snowflake inlays, gold machine heads, and a headstock fascia.

Suggested Retail Prices:

CCFL2EC-MMAH All-Mahogany Fat Lady $3,319.00
CCAN2EC-MMAH All-Mahogany Angel $3,529.00

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