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Cordoba Announces Boutique Luthier Series and Acoustic Fidelity System

Cordoba Announces Boutique Luthier Series and Acoustic Fidelity System

Aimed at players looking for an all solid, concert level instrument at a reasonable price.

Santa Monica, CA (December 31, 2012) -- Due to the great success of the all solid Cordoba C9, C10, and GK Pro, Cordoba Guitars is proud to launch the Luthier Series, which will promote and expand on these models. Aimed at players looking for an all solid, concert level instrument at a reasonable price, the Luthier Series guitars are handmade by a small team of builders in a boutique workshop, using traditional Spanish construction techniques and carefully selected premium woods. The foundation of the Luthier Series rests upon building methods such as the Spanish Heel, hand carved necks and braces, and domed soundboards which are built on a traditional solera. New models include the C9 Dolce, a 7/8 size version of the C9, and the C12, which is based on the C10. The C12 features a raised fingerboard for enhanced playability, and lattice bracing – perfect for the musician searching for a more modern style build, and big, open sound. All models in the Luthier Series feature a mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid rosette inspired by a 1920s Domingo Esteso rosette, and include a humidified hardshell case.

The Luthier Series Lineup:
C9 Dolce – Street Price $799
C9 – Street Price $799
C10 – Street Price $999 (pictured)
F10 – Street Price $999
C12 – Street Price $1,499
GK Pro – Street Price $1,399
GK Pro Negra– Street Price $1,499

In addition, beginning in 2013, select Cordoba models will be fitted with the Acoustic Fidelity System (AFS), a revolutionary high fidelity acoustic pickup and preamp system. After three years of development, Cordoba is proud to introduce a pickup and preamp that almost exactly replicates the sound of the natural acoustic guitar. Inspired by the tradition of Hi-Fi analog sound reproduction, the AFS has been painstakingly tuned to retain all the inherent acoustical properties of the original instrument without resorting to digital renderings. The AFS is offered as a one-way or two-way pickup, depending on the model it is fitted in. Both versions include a digital onboard tuner and six unique piezo elements that enhance the clarity and separation of the strings. This eliminates the common imbalance in volume and quality of sound from string to string that can occur with a traditional under-saddle piezo strip. The two-way pickup also includes a high fidelity microphone strategically placed to avoid feedback, and comes tuned to augment the open airy sound of an acoustic instrument. Whether playing in a huge concert hall or a small room, the AFS captures the sonic brilliance of Cordoba’s acoustic-electric models.

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