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Cort Guitars Announces the Gold Series

Cort Guitars Announces the Gold Series

The series includes two models, the Gold-D6 NAT dreadnought and the Gold-O6 NAT orchestra model, with matching features.

Seoul, South Korea (May 11, 2017) -- It’s an acoustic guitar series that has been designed with a total focus on sound with such detail that the player will hear the difference upon first strum. The craftsmen at Cort are calling the Cort Gold Series the best acoustic guitar they have ever built.

In the world of acoustic guitar playing, reaching for the holy grail is reaching for a trusted vintage instrument. That’s what Cort offers through its Aged to Vintage (ATV) treatment, which allows the solid sitka spruce top to cure and open up more over time. ATV acts as a torrefication process, giving a new guitar like the Cort Gold the big, open tone of a decades-old, highly-sought-after acoustic. Cort’s craftsmen also spent extra time modernizing the X-bracing, scalloping it to lighten the weight and to free up added top vibration.

The Cort Gold Series has a sonically enhanced UV finish that is thinner and designed to be less constrictive on the instrument. It’s a glossy finish that not only ensures that the bold tone of the Gold comes through, but also adds to the instrument’s natural beauty. Cort also chose a tight-fitting traditional dovetail neck joint reinforced with a bolt. This DoubleLock neck maximizes the transfer of tone and enhances resonance.

The Cort Gold Series includes two models, the Gold-D6 NAT dreadnought and the Gold-O6 NAT orchestra model, with matching features. Both models have solid mahogany back and sides that are bound with black, triple-ply purfling. The rosewood bridge has ebony pins, and the saddle and nut are genuine bone—another sonic upgrade for the transfer of resonance between strings and the instrument. The mahogany neck has walnut reinforcements that have been added for rigidity and stability using special inserts. The fingerboard is also rosewood with a newly developed profile for added comfort and playability. The rounded fingerboard edge has the comfortable feel of a lovingly played instrument that’s been broken in. Deluxe vintage gold tuners on the black headstock complete the Gold’s look.

The poet Robert Frost famously penned “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” symbolizing how all things good and beautiful in life eventually fade away. The physical world is fleeting, so why not play a beautiful guitar that’s built to last, with a sonic quality for the ages? The exclusive deluxe, soft-side case that’s included with purchase protects this investment for future generations. Get a closer look and hear a demo at

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