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D’Addario Releases the Rich Robinson Signature Slide, Humidipak Restore Kit, and Titanium Bridge Pins

The slide features a custom interior taper made to Rich’s specifications and his signature Double-R logo.

Rich Robinson Signature Brass Slide

Farmingdale, NY (February 17, 2017) -- The Humidipak Restore Kit by D’Addario allows your instrument and case that have previously not been humidified or are in a known dry condition to safely return to the ideal humidity level without danger of over-humidification.

Using Boveda’s patented two-way humidity control technology, Humidipak Restore packets automatically adds moisture at an accelerated rate yet safely restores the ideal humidity level inside your instrument case, eliminating the guesswork and anxiety of revitalizing your instrument. Once the instrument and case have reached 45-55% Relative Humidity, the standard Humidipak packets should be used.

The Humidipak Restore Kit includes three packets – one for the headstock and two for the soundhole.

The Humidipak Restore Kit (PW-HPK-03) will retail for $41.80 and is available April 17.

D’Addario Accessories is thrilled to announce the launch of the Rich Robinson Signature Brass Slide, a collaborative innovation made possible by teaming up with D’Addario artist Rich Robinson.

Founding member of the Black Crowes and solo artist, Rich Robinson is recognized as one of today’s top slide guitar players and is known for his use of open tunings. At home on both acoustic and electric guitar, Rich helped to design and create his signature brass slide with a unique taper inside that forms comfortably to your finger for any type of playing. This taper also helps prevent the slide from moving, giving the player extra control while performing and offering a crisp, bright, exceptional tone.

Made from solid brass, its satin finish features a custom interior taper made to Rich’s specifications and his signature Double-R initial logo laser etched.

The Rich Robinson Signature Brass Slide will be available April 17 and retail values at $32.95.

D’Addario Accessories manufactures premium bridge and end pins that are made from high-quality materials to enhance instrument tone and last longer than ordinary end pins. Now, to add to their line of hardware is the D’Addario Titanium Bridge Pins.

Titanium Bridge Pins provide a more rounded tone and increased sustain. Additionally, these end pins are a direct replacement upgrade for any acoustic guitar to enhance the overall appearance of your acoustic instrument.

Available in packs of six, the D’Addario Titanium Bridge Pins (PWPS13) will retail for $109.95 MSRP and will be available April 17.

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