A knob-free FET boost.

Chicago, IL (April 7, 2020) -- Keeping with the theme of raw, straight-forward effects, Daredevil releases the most cut-to-the-chase pedal to date, the Hype. This hand-wired beast is built in Chicago and boasts no knobs, just high output FET boost. This is a great add-on to any player's board for a simple solo bump, all the way up to slamming your amp into full grind mode. An internal trim pot adjusts output level, the rest is true bypass simplistic rock n roll bliss. Stomp on it let er rip...

  • Only $89 street
  • Knob-less FET boost
  • Raw and aggressive
  • Hand wired, true bypass
  • 2-year warranty
  • Runs on 9V DC jack

Hype has a street price of $89. All Daredevil pedals are available for purchase direct online at www.Daredevilpedals.com.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Daredevil Pedals

A faithful recreation of the Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite with a modern twist.

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It doesn’t have to be all cowboy boots and yee-haws!



• Learn how to comp using hybrid picking.
• Add nuance to your playing by combining pick and finger string attacks.
• Add speed and fluidity to your lead playing.

{u'media': u'[rebelmouse-document-pdf 17855 original_filename="HybridPicking-Aug22.pdf" site_id=20368559]', u'file_original_url': u'https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/17855/HybridPicking-Aug22.pdf', u'type': u'pdf', u'id': 17855, u'media_html': u'HybridPicking-Aug22.pdf'}

The first thing most guitarists think of when they hear the phrase “hybrid picking” is undoubtedly twangy Telecasters. While that may be the most common use of hybrid picking, it is far from the only application. Diving into hybrid picking opens a whole new world of control, timbre possibilities, ideas, speed, and more.

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Brian Wampler’s take on a vintage TS10 Tube Screamer style circuit in a compact, pedalboard friendly enclosure.

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