Denny Gerard Company Presents the StickItStand

This stand was invented to provide a safe and easy way to store your anywhere.

Los Angeles, CA (November 21, 2017) -- Introducing a new Patent Pending stick-on guitar stand. It was invented by professional guitar player/teacher Denny Gerard who simply wanted a safe easier way to stand his guitar.

Stick it on to use it or easily peel it off. Upon removal it will not damage the surface of your guitar. (deteriorating guitars excluded) Use your best judgement.

It stays on your guitar in your gig-bag or case so its always at the ready!

Made from a high grade silicon rubber it sticks on your guitar via a peel-off electronics grade double stick adhesive. When you are done playing, simply lean your guitar against a wall or an amp. Its “one size fits” Stick-It-Stand works easily on most Acoustic or Electric guitars.

The perfect accessory for an active guitar player.

It lists at $19.95 and is available now at holiday special of $14.95 and can be bought through

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