DOD Unveils Rubberneck Analog Delay

The unique features and functionality of the Rubberneck aid in conjuring up slapback delays to dizzying pitch sweeps and time stretches.

Anaheim,CA (January 19, 2017) -- Harman Professional Solutions today introduced the DOD Rubberneck analog delay stompbox, allowing guitar and bass players to create unique musical delay textures and explore new time-based performance effects. The Rubberneck features over one second of pure analog delay with tap tempo for custom time settings, as well as double concentric knobs for shaping the modulation, gain, and tone of the effect. The pedal is named after its unique “Rubberneck” feature which gives players the ability to pitch shift from one time setting to another in real time.

“Rubberneck combines warm and musical 100 percent analog repeats with unique features and functionality to unlock new creative directions and performance possibilities,” said Tom Cram, Marketing Manager, DigiTech, Harman Professional Solutions. “From slapback delays to dizzying pitch sweeps and time stretches, Rubberneck lets discerning players approach their tone and instrument in entirely new ways.”

Rubberneck’s controls include a time knob which allows players to set delay times from 30 ms to 1000 ms, with up to 1500 ms delay time available by using the tap-tempo footswitch. The transparent rubberneck-rate control pot features a built-in bi-color LED to indicate different operating modes, and lets players control the delay time produced when the footswitch is pressed and held. The repeats knob controls the number of repeats the pedal will create, from single-note slapbacks to the runaway oscillations analog delays are known for. Rate and depth knobs control the amount of delay modulation to create sounds from subtle chorusing to wild vibrato/tremolo textures. A tap-ratio switch makes it easy to get repeats that are in time, create triplets, or achieve a doubled feel. Gain/tone knobs allow players to shape the tone of the delay by increasing the brightness, darkening the sound, and adding more gain. And a level knob controls the overall output level of the delay signal.

Other controls that add to Rubberneck’s unique functionality include the tails switch and regen adjust knob. The tails switch allows players to choose if they want repeats to be heard when bypassing the pedal. The regen adjust knob flashes the current delay time and adjusts the regen/repeat settings of the secondary delay that is enabled by pressing the tempo/regen footswitch.

A TRS loop send/return, instrument 1/4” input and output, as well as an FS3X footswitch provide guitarists with greater routing flexibility with amps and external effects. True-bypass electronics ensure the purest signal path possible while the pedal is disengaged. Rubberneck uses a 9V DC power supply to easily integrate into any existing pedalboard.

The Rubberneck effect pedal will be available in April 2017 at $312.44 MSRP ($249.95 MAP).

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